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Easter Wellness

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3 Awarding Winning Bundles:
The "Biggest Loser" featured Quarter Fold,
"The Doctors" featured
Half Fold, or The "Today Show" recommended
Standard ReboundAIR!

"Rebounding has improved my stamina, endurance and coordination besides improving my physical fitness and strength.  I wholeheartedly recommend the ReboundAIR unit to people of all ages as the finest exercising equipment in the entire world."  -Dr. Paul C. Bragg, Life Extension Specialist and Author, 
age 92

"Never in my 35 years as a practicing physician have I found any exercise method, for any price, that will do more for the physical body than rebound exercise."  -Henry Savage, M.D.

Year's Biggest Sales Event Rebounding Mini Trampoline: Original Half Fold
Get 3 FREE gifts with purchase.

Rebounding Mini Trampoline Glove Weights Add Soft Glove Weights & Pilates Ball to your order
Sale ends 4/21/14!





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  • Speak to Al Carter personally, if you like! Most Qualified Staff. Years of Rebound Exercise experience.
  • Lifetime All-Component Warranty plus Free Wear and Tear Replacement, if ever needed!  (Up to 300 lb user weight, 400 lb on Quarter Fold model.)   
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

ReboundAIR™  review: 
"These are the highest quality mini trampolines you'll find and will last you a lifetime." 

For more health results and customer equipment observations, please visit our testimonials page!


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Product Description


Al Carter's new book is now available... HOT off the press!

Book + Lecture CD: "The Most Effective Form of Exercise Yet Devised by Man."

Rebound Exercise - The Ultimate Exercise for the New Millennium  by Albert E. Carter

Continuing a tradition of fascinating health and wellness best sellers, Al Carter compiles years of amazing rebounding results and research into one book!  This is the new gold standard for the World Rebound Exercise Industry.  Presented with Al's easy to read style, hundreds of illustrations, personalized fitness charts, and a helpful glossary. The book comes with the audio CD "The Most Effective Form of Exercise Yet Devised by Man."

188 pages, 15 Chapters covering topics such as:

  • Toning, wellness, weight loss for the busy people among us, the child, teen, elderly, the athlete, the expecting mother, the office-bound executive, the traveler, the disabled, the sedentary and the super fit!
  • Why does the body respond so favorably to rebounding?
  • Cellular Reactions to the G-Force effect
  • Albert Einstein's surprising contribution to rebound exercise:  "If you fall, you must work to get back up..."  "The common denominator to all exercise is gravity..."
  • Benefits from Lymphatic circulation
  • Improving balance and coordination
  • Rebounding and loving it!  (Without the impact on the joints)
  • Quotes:  What does NASA, the US Air Force, Dr Kenneth Cooper's Institute of Aerobic Research, and the Hong Kong University have to say? 
  • Testimonials from people like you! Read some now

Retail Price

Introductory Offer

 Millennium Book + Audio CD

informative, fun to read! The New Miracles of Rebound Exercise
By Albert E. Carter

The classic 1.3 million best seller. The book that originally validated the amazing results of rebounding.  The information presented in this book has been confirmed by NASA, the US Air Force, Dr Kenneth Cooper's Institute of Aerobic Research, and the Hong Kong University.  Presented with Al's fun and easy to read style. 

Valuable information with Al's fun to read
style! The Cancer Answer  
By Albert E. Carter

In this book we find out how the immune system combats cancer.  We learn that we are not being told the whole truth about cancer.  Cancer is not a disease; it is a naturally occurring condition.  A healthy immune system is our only real defense against cancer.  The Healthy Cell Concept explained with Al's easy to read style.
eyekit.gif (4857 bytes) Vision Therapy Kit 

Compare to the "See Clearly Method" costing over $250!

Do you wear glasses or contacts?  Or, are you struggling to read this? All the tools you'll need to help rehabilitate and strengthen your eyesight whether your eyesight suffers as a result of trauma or regular strain.  Effective, enjoyable use in combination with a rebounder.  Includes three ring binder, workbook, instructions, methods, exercises, dozens of charts, eye patch, an audio CD of Al Carter's World Lecture portion covering vision therapy rehabilitation and more!  Click here for details!


Product Image

Description of 3 ReboundAIR Models + Gifts


Carrying Case and Dolly
New Quarter Fold in Free Carrying Case and Dolly
The revolutionary Quarter Fold
Stronger and lighter than metal frames.
No Assembly 
Full 40" diameter



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The Ultimate Rebound™ 
Al Carter's New Composite Quarter-Fold Rebounder

Easter Wellness Sales Event Ends Midnight Monday, April 21st!

The 2014
Ultimate Rebound™ fitness package includes 4 FREE gifts with purchase:
. The Custom Carrying Case ($35 value)
2. Airport Pull Dolly ($40 value)
. "Keep on Rebounding!" DVD ($24 value)
. Al Carter's World Lecture CD ($10 value)

Through the end of April, the shipping on this fitness bundle is FREE! ($27 value -- lower 48 states)


News: "Biggest Loser" TV program purchased 8 Quarter Folds for their participants.
Details: Our most innovative and convenient Quarter-Fold design. This revolutionary model is constructed with the latest in composite polymer materials used in aircraft and performance car engines.  Stronger yet lighter than metal frames.  The legs unlock and fold, stowing perfectly into the frame.  The frame folds twice to fit inside the custom carrying case.  The case fits the durable pull dolly for the ultimate in convenience and portability.   Health club quality at an in-home price. Excellent for demonstrations, traveling physical therapists or for those who want the state-of-the-art of Rebound Exercise equipment.  Built to last decades of regular use.  There is no need for a spring cover!  The high caliber, wide belly springs are protected and integrated in the frame itself!  Aggressively tested at 300 lb user weight.  However, the lifetime warranty covers ALL components for all users up to 400 lb on this Quarter Fold model, The Ultimate Rebound™.  
Our famous All-Component Lifetime Warranty and Free Wear and Tear Replacement is included. 
View 15 large product photos. View a small demo slideshow!

Be sure to visit www.Ultimate-Rebound.com to read this related article:   "Rebound Exercise, the one-a-day multiple exercise, now comes in a new deliveryFree gift for added upper body muscle tone! system." by Al Carter

Recommended for your rebound fitness routine:
Our soft glove weights go well with this ReboundAIR!

"Six weeks later I was able to see a three dimensional digital drawing of the Ultimate Rebound.  To me, it was museum art.  I wanted to frame the drawings, place them on the wall and stare at them."
-Al Carter, Founder, Lead Designer



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30-Day Money Back Guarantee!



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Half.GIF (30654 bytes)
Exclusive, Indestructible Safety Hinge
Custom Carrying Case
ToteBag.GIF (4458 bytes)
As seen on "The Doctors" New RED Soft Neoprene Cover
Sporty Red Spring Cover
Picture Specifications #1
Close ups #2 and #3
Warehouse bundle pic #4

NEWS: Recently, the RED Half Fold was featured on TV's "The Doctors" for the second year in a row! Here is Al Carter's Amazing Half-Fold ReboundAIR™ + 3 Gifts

Red Half Fold ReboundAIR featured on The Doctors!

Sale ends midnight 4/21. Three gifts with purchase: 
1) The "Keep on Rebounding!" DVD best seller ($24 value)
2) Al Carter's World Lecture CD ($10 value)
3) A good looking, durable, Custom Carrying Case ($45 value)

Perfect time to purchase!
For a limited time, the shipping on this bundle is FREE ($27 value -- lower 48 states only)

Trending: The Half Fold ReboundAIR is gaining in popularity.  Most recently, we sent 125 more to Tony Robbins and Co! Dr. Ann Gittleman LOVES the Half Fold in her recent Fat Flush For Life best seller. Virgin Active clubs in Italy LOVES the new RED covers!
(This seems to be heating up in Spain. More news soon.) Natalia Rose LOVES the ReboundAIR in her Detox The World websites and books.
Historical Note: We invented the folding rebounder and have been leading the industry in design and materials innovations ever since!
Design Details view specifications: Our best selling Half-Fold option makes thisReboundAIR rebounders, model not included. rebounder easy to fold up, carry and store. The safe, innovative, exclusive hinges are covered under the same lifetime warranty as the springs, mat and frame. Our famous All-Component Lifetime Warranty and Free Wear and Tear Replacement is included.  You will absolutely love the softer, more resilient bounce technology featuring our wide belly, high caliber springs. These are the most durable springs on the planet. Constructed with the best materials available at the highest level of workmanship.  No assembly required.  A helpful owner's manual is also included.  Click for more Half Fold ReboundAIR specifications, brand comparisons and pictures

30 Day Money Back Guarantee



Same Day Shipping

FREE Shipping




BLACK Half Fold Quantity:


Prefer RED?
Check Box Below If You Would Like Us To Switch Cover Colors.


New Black Soft Neoprene Cover for $22


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ReboundAIR rebounders, model not included.


New! The Standard ReboundAIR now features a FREE Reversable Red / Black Neoprene Cover!


Sporty Red Spring Cover

Al Carter's Lifetime Standard ReboundAIR™ (frame does not fold, legs unlock and fold)

As seen on The Today Show! This is THE award winning Standard ReboundAIR you will enjoy for the rest of your long life!

3 Gifts With Purchase! Enjoy Al Carter's World Lecture CD ($10 value), the "Keep on Rebounding!" DVD best seller ($24 value) and the reversable Red / Black Neoprene spring cover ($45)... all free with purchase!   

THROUGH APRIL 21ST, THIS 2014 FITNESS BUNDLE INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING! (normally $37, lower 48 states only)

Our Standard ReboundAIR is our most economical alternative in the line of top quality ReboundAIR rebounders.  (Features the same high level of quality in materials and workmanship as our folding models shown above.) Fitness clubs often feature this model for their group rebound aerobics classes. 
Up-date:  The Marine Corps in Quantico, VA, just equipped their "Larsen Gym" with Standard ReboundAIRs.  Designed with the best materials available at the highest level of workmanship, according to our strict manufacturing specifications and "stress-load" test procedures.  Built for decades of regular use.
The mat, springs, frame, legs, spring bolts and studs are covered under our famous lifetime warrantyOur All-Component Lifetime Warranty and Free Wear and Tear Replacement is included.  No assembly required.  A helpful owner's manual is also included.  You owe it to yourself.  You will thank us later.  Specifications, brand comparisons and pictures


On Sale
Now $319.95


Same Day Shipping


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Lifetime ALL Parts Warranty




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Rebound Exercise Accessories, New Products and Cell Foods





Exerciser / Stabilizing Bar for the Quarter Fold, Half Fold or Standard ReboundAIR

Easter Sales Event Ends Midnight Monday, April 21st!

Be sure to pick up our unique stabilizing bar to expand your range of exercises and give additional balance. Excellent for rehabilitation, children, first-timers, elderly, disabled, blind or for those who want to get crazy with high kicks!  Easy to assemble. This universal bar fits all 3 ReboundAIR models. Fun for all bouncers!

Add this useful item!

Now $69
+ $13 to ship

Excellent for Rehabilitation and fitness at any age!  Bounce back to Health! Bounce Back Chair!

Rebound Exercise in the comfort and safety of a chair! For general fitness, weight loss, seniors, diabetes, MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue, Parkinson's, stroke, blind or partially sighted, physical therapy, cardiovascular health.   We invite all health care professionals to learn from our experience how to empower people to exercise for fitness and Bounce Back to health! 

For more information about this product, click here!

($40.00 S/H included)
Aerobic Resistive Rebounding for weight loss and muscle tone!


Weights (sold in pairs) 

Have you tried Aerobic Resistive Rebounding?  "Aerobic Resistive Rebounding" combines weights with your rebound aerobics routine.  Dr. Harry Sneider used Aerobic Resistive Rebounding to compliment the training of the U.S. Olympic Track and Field athletes.  Add variety, increase the caloric expenditure and additionally tone your upper body using our safe, soft, durable weights.  We recommend following our "Keep on Rebounding!" VHS or DVD routine while holding our weights for increased upper body tone and caloric expenditure.  Very effective.  We look forward to hearing what you think about this cross-training combination.  Try it!

1lb. Soft, Velcro Glove, Palm Weight Pair


3 lb. Soft, Velcro Glove, Palm Weight Pair


Rebounding with Pilates.  Everything for your home gym!


ReboundAIR Pilates Ball + Quality Pump
Save $10 with purchase of a ReboundAIR

Everything you need for your home gym is found on this page. Have you tried Pilates with Rebounding?  Working out with the Pilates Ball combines weights, additional stretches and super effective abdominal crunches with your rebound aerobics routine.  Add variety, increase the caloric expenditure and additionally tone your body using our safe, durable ball. Combine crunches with V-sits on the rebounder for weight loss and sculpting results! Very effective.  We look forward to hearing what you think about this cross-training accessory.  Try it!

ReboundAIR Ball + Quality Pump
Discounted with purchase of a ReboundAIR Half Fold, Quarter Fold or Standard

with purchase

ReboundAIR Ball + Quality Pump



No springs were used on this Rebound Exercise device.  The patented design requires compressed AIR!
You'll probably need more details?  Includes a David Letterman feature you won't want to miss!

Sorry! We no longer offer this item. Please visit www.Vurtego.com for more information. Custom made in California, the Vurtego V2 (our highly recommended outdoor Rebound Exercise device) is the next step in the evolution of teen/adult performance pogo sticks.   Seriously.  We said it.  Shake up your workout with this pogo stick.  And WHY in the world would you...?  1) THIS is so much fun.  2) You only live once.  3)  Effective fitness, coordination and balance improvements, core muscle tone, weight loss... I mean, we're also talking about benefiting from the same lymphatic stimulation you'd get on a ReboundAIR!With a fully integrated one piece bottom bracket and stainless steel slider shaft rotated 45 degrees for added strength, the V2 is the "strongest pogo stick"best built pogo stick in the world = excellent outdoor rebound exercise! ever built.  Watch History Channel's Modern Marvels feature! (QuickTime clip)

The larger pedal surface area provides a stable platform for beginning riders, and optional riser bars allow riders to choose less aggressive configurations for Rebound Exercise -- focused bouncing. The V2 - AIR is amazing, effective (talking about burning calories? Whew! Oh, yes) and provides a thrill of a ride! Comes standard with SoftTop top cap protector and other smart accessories.  In fact, you will soon appreciate the many details in workmanship and materials.  Um, eh hem... so did you view this pogo's capabilities on the History Channel?  Click for our more details page. (Includes link to view the David Letterman footage.)

$15 shipping
to most states

Sorry! We no longer sell this item.

for the New

Soft, Weighted

Toll Free 1-888-

Or, scroll down and write a request on your order form.  We'll call you.

What would your CELLS select if allowed to do the grocery shopping?

This is it!

"Whole body wellness, from the CELL's point of view."
For more information about the Healthy Cell Concept and Cell Food, please click here!


Al Carter's Organic, Nutrient Rich Cell Food!  Formulated according to The Healthy Cell Concept™, as presented in the Al Carter's World Tour, The Cancer Answer and Miracles of Minerals.  For more information, please visit: www.ImmuneSystem.org  

Cut your health food bill in half! 
Al Carter's Organic Nutrient Rich Cell Food™ combines many products into one.  No need to purchase and prepare your grass blend drinks.  Stop spending so much buying organic kelp, barley, rose hips... it's all in here!  Not eating enough vegetables?  No problem.  Use this product to compliment and supplement your vegetable servings.  Save your money and delete your multi vitamin and mineral supplement from your grocery list!  Al Carter's Cell Food™ contains a carefully selected full spectrum of naturally organic vitamins and Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals® from the Great Salt Lake.  Give your cells something they can use!  Compare Cell Food with the equivalent list of products and you'll see what we mean!

Contains Mother Nature's Green Foods, A Rich Harvest from Land and Sea:  Organic Barley, Alfalfa, Kelp, Blue Green Micro Algae, Acerola Cherry, Rose Hips, Chlorophyll, Wheatgrass...    Plus, Phytonutrients, Bioflavonoids, Enzymes, Anti-Oxidants and Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals®... a truely amazing formula.  The result of decades of research!The taste of the plants and vegetables included is typical of the differences between "cell foods" and "people food".  Unfortunately, this means for most people these nutrient rich plants are rarely consumed.  (I mean, who mixes kelp or wheatgrass in their oatmeal every morning?)  The usefulness of their amazing natural resources remain untapped... until now.  Al Carter's organic, nutrient rich Cell Food™ make daily consumption of the most beneficial foods practical again.  So, do something for your cells today and feel the fantastic results!

Try this at home:  Start by consuming one tablet at breakfast.  Observe how your body responds.  Gradually increase to two tablets per meal.  Look at the cell food carefully.  A lot of thought went into the exclusive combination of cell-friendly ingredients.  For example, notice the the soft, natural compression of the organic greens used to shape it into tablets.  In fact, "organic mint plant extract" is used to lightly coat the tablets!  Nice, huh.  Please tell us what you think!


2 to 3 Month Supply 360 Count

Same-Day Shipping


Limited Time: Current Sale and 6 Month Supply Discounts Expire Monday at Midnight

"Auto Ship" Introductory Offer:
Receive a 6 Month Supply of Al Carter's Organic, Nutrient Rich Cell Food!  Plus! FREE Shipping and FREE Miracles of Minerals book! (Savings of $96!)
We will place you on the discounted 6 month plan.  3 easy payments,  1 container sent every 2 months... one shipped today, the next automatically in 2 months and the next, automatically 4 months from today!

The Auto Ship program will save you $96: $20x3 (discounts) + $7x3 (shipping) + $15 (free book)

Only $49.95 per bottle

 3 x 360 containers:
1,080 count total

1 shipped and billed every 2 months

Same-Day Shipping

What is your fitness objective?

Weight loss?

Tone and definition? 

Look here for RESULTS you can see and feel!
Click to read label

High Protein Herbal Meal Matrix

"The Perfect Dietary Companion to Rebound Aerobics...The Perfect Compliment to Your High Protein, Low Carb Diet!" 

View entire label 

A daily, 100% organic weight loss protein shake, naturally sweetened by Vanilla Bean and the Stevia Plant, also featuring Noni Fruit, Quinoa, Flax Seed, Maca, Chlorella, Vanilla, Almond, Pecan, Ginko, Ginseng, Celery Seed, Spinach Leaf, Carrot Powder and Wild Yams...  Your Cells' Favorite Ingredients!  The Best of Mother Nature's Dietary Products Combined Into One Weight Loss Shake.  "Not the most tasty... but definitely the most nutritious protein product on the market today."This Protein Herbal Meal Matrix, "Lean Body Mass Formula", was designed according to Ann Gittleman's Fat Flush Fitness Plan and Al Carter's Healthy Cell Concept for optimal weight loss and wellness results.

Try the Protein Herbal Meal Matrix for 30 days.  Use as directed.  Combine with regular exercise, preferably Rebound Exercise.  (Below you will find a few of our favorite VHS or DVD follow-along programs.) If you are not completely satisfied with the results, we will refund your money!  What do you have to lose?  A: "Unwanted pounds."

Please keep in touch.  Share with us your weight loss progress!  Research@healthbounce.com


Now $39.95

1 to 2 month supply of pure nutrition

"Experience results or your money back!"

Follow-Along Rebound Aerobics DVDs and Membership Kit




click to see larger image

Click for more information about this new DVD

"Rebound for the Health of it!" DVD 

The 2008 "Best New Production Rebound Aerobics DVD" award goes to our friends of Exercell in Canada!Expand your moves on the ReboundAIR with this creative new group rebounding class.   10 minute beginners segment followed by 11 minutes of intermediate aerobics... and for the grand finale... challenge your cells to an invigorating advanced section.  Filmed in a pleasant outdoor park setting.  

Editors note:  What I like is the added benefit of setting it to French.  Rebound Aerobics while learning another language.  And why not?? Try it! Switch between English and French every other day.

Only $19.95
to $25.95 in mail order catalogs

Click for more information about this

"Keep On Rebounding!" DVD best seller.

A "classic" weight loss tool:  Over the years we've received great customer response to this effective rebound aerobics program.  "Most weight lost with this program. Not the newest rebound program, but it WORKS!"Join bounding gurus Darren Carter and Holly Anderson as they lead their team of BYU cheerleaders and aerobics instructors in a tape that is designed to be a follow along workout for people of all levels. 38 minutes, 3 progressive segments: Beginning (or warm up), intermediate aerobics and anaerobic toning/strengthening. Rated the best of Rebound Aerobics videos.  Approximately the caloric equivalent of jogging a 5K, 3.17 miles or 350 to 400 Calories.The convenient advantage is the digital menu.  Use your remote control to "jump to" your favorite chapters.  No rewinding, fast forwarding... 

15% automatic discount on any 3 video/DVD combination when you order 3 videos or DVDs today.  Pick 3 for your rebound exercise library!

DVD Reg.

Now Only $19.95

Tracie Long is amazing!

"G-Force #1" DVD by Anna Benson Workouts (Rebound Aerobics + Yoga + Weights)  

This effective 52 min. workout starts with a rebounder warm-up (3 min.) followed by standing stretches (3 min.). Three cardio segments (8+, 10+, & 8+ min.) use a variety of tempos & activities. Rebound moves are illustrated with easy & hard versions.Between the cardio segments, three sections of weight exercises, using our soft Velcro glove weights (3+ min., 4+ min, & 2 min.). Train the back, chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders & legs. Floor work is done on the surface of the rebounder & includes leg abduction & core training (8+ min.). Yoga-style standing stretches (2+ min) conclude the workout. Total calories burned:  approximately 550 to 600.

Includes a demonstration of opening and closing The Ultimate Rebound™, Al Carter's new Composite Quarter Fold!   www.Ultimate-Rebound.com  


"G-Force #2" DVD by Anna Benson Workouts (Rebound Aerobics + Yoga + Core + Sculpting)

This successful second edition in the G-Force series adds new choreography and movement variety to the first G-Force best seller.  Get motivated by G-Force 2, a follow-along rebound fitness routine featuring plyometrics, pendulums, hit-kicks, turns and sambas.  Trainer Carol Miller demonstrates specific exercises for posture, the pelvic diaphragm and flexibility.  Suggested accessory:  Be sure to purchase a pair of weighted gloves (listed on-line on this order form) if you would like to participate in the optional upper body toning chapters contained on this DVD.  Enjoy!  Remember to take before and after pictures to share with us!

48 minutes; beginner to advanced Rebound Aerobics

Super fun fitness for the kids! Carter Kids Exercise DVD

Super fun fitness for the kids!  Join Darren Carter in this follow-along DVD designed especially for kids ages 4 to 12.  Outdoor scenes:  tennis court, back yard and by the pool.


The Smart Bounce DVD
Rebound Aerobics for Baby Boomers

"Strengthen and stimulate every cell in your body and have fun doing it!"  Join Blanche Black, a certified strength trainer with a medical background and 13 years of fitness instruction, in an enjoyable Rebound Aerobics routine designed with the Baby Boomers in mind.  Consistent with her previous best-sellers, "Fitness in the Office" and "Chair Fitness, Vol. 1, 2 and 3", Blanche effectively leads through safe equipment set up, warm ups, stretching, and Rebound Aerobics.  Be sure to add these 37 minutes of "pure wellness" to your Rebound Aerobics library.


Distributor Kit & Lifetime Membership

The Membership Kit is a great value!


View Wholesale vs. Retail Product Price List

Right here, right now, "to spread the health and increase your wealth in 2014," add a Distributor Kit to your order! Become our newest wholesale member! One-time enrollment fee & helpful membership kit: Now only $89.95! Next time you place an order, your products will be priced at wholesale. Simplest program for reselling all of our fine products. No minimum inventory purchases required.No annual fees. No expiration: Lifetime membership. For those interested in wholesale membership for gift purchases, reselling at retail, or for those who simply seek a healthy dose of useful information and motivating media products at a super low cost!  Contains the best seller "Keep on Rebounding!"  aerobics DVD, Al Carter's new book Rebound Exercise: The Ultimate Exercise for the new Millennium, the Immune System DVD, G-Force II DVD, Al Carter's World Lecture CD with printed manuscript, many charts, studies, product information, wholesale price lists, handouts and 10 sales brochures to share with your family and friends.  Perfect for starting your own rebound exercise routine and/or for starting a profitable business.  (for more information: membership page)

Wholesale Membership To-do list:  There are only two requirements to become a distributor: 1) Purchase a ReboundAIR at retail (or at current listed retail sale price), and 2) purchase this Membership Kit.  Thereafter, all your purchases will be at low wholesale.  It is as simple as that!  Please give us a call if you still don't believe us.  1-888-464-JUMP  Of course, you could e-mail us a question if you prefer: distributors@healthbounce.com

Welcome to the team!

Distributor Kit
Lifetime Membership

Replacement Parts: complimentary / offered at no cost to you, if ever needed under lifetime warranty




ReboundAIR™ Mat, Permatron™, Reinforced, Black $30.00
Spring Cover $25.00
Carrying Case, Quarter Fold $35.00
Carrying Case, Half Fold $45.00
Springs--High Caliber ReboundAIR Springs, Wide Bellied, Soft Bounce, Set of 36, tough as nails! $60.00
Springs--High Caliber ReboundAIR Springs, Wide Bellied, Soft Bounce, Set of 6, tough as nails! $10.00
Pins--Frame-to-spring pins, Set of 36 $21.00
Pins--Frame-to-spring pins, Set of 6 $3.50
Legs - with crutch tips and leg spring (each) $5.00
Leg Springs, Set of 6 $6.00
Rubber Crutch Tips, Set of 6 $6.00
Special Certifications





This priceless package includes a set of 3 DVDs, a student manual, the new Millennium book, audio CD and final exam (most pass with flying colors on the first attempt so don't worry!  This is an enjoyable seminar!)
[more info]

Al Carter's Reboundology Seminar and Distance Learning Certification Course 

Al Carter's popular Certified Reboundologist™ Seminar is now available as a Distance Learning DVD Course!  His world tour 16 hour two-day seminar has been filmed and condensed into 18 chapters you can "jump to" with your remote control, making it convenient to pick up where you left off.  You are invited to spend approximately 8 to 10 total hours in your flex time, at your leisure, in your home or on vacation, learning some of the greatest exercise and wellness principles ever presented before live audiences. For the first time in 24 years, it is not necessary to purchase plane tickets and reserve a hotel room to attend one of Al Carter's life-enhancement seminars.  Become fascinated by your amazing body and its favorable affinity to Rebound Exercise!  Learn about the Healthy Cell Concept™ for complete wellness at any age.  Don't hesitate on this valuable opportunity.  Treat yourself to this program today!  The content will most definitely improve your effectiveness and lasting results, whether you are a health hobbyist or full-time health care professional.  This course could change your life as it has for so many people the world over!  Click for more information about the course and the subjects covered.  Become a Distributor today to receive the "Distance Learning DVD $200 Discount."

$495.00 Retail

($295.00 for Member

E-mail support and course 
"Q & A" with a Certified Rebound-
ologist™ is always free of charge!

Booster DVD Distance Learning Seminar

The Booster Seminar is the DVD Distance Learning Course specially priced for the spouse of a ReboundAIR Distributor who has previously ordered the course, OR  to be utilized as a refresher course, having been certified by Al Carter previously.

Call for booster class quote and schedule of events
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